Classical riding is not a technique for training but rather principles to guide your training. These are some of the principles that guide classical trainers.
-Help the horse to feel good in his work.
-Help the horse understand, so force is not needed.
-Show the horse how to enjoy his work.
-Help the horse to stay healthy.
-Have compassion and patience for your horse.

Any riding horse can become a Classical Dressage horse; all there needs to be is patience and a clear understanding of classical riding. So long as there was no physical damage done in the previous discipline preventing the horse from its natural movement. Your veterinarian can help you determine if your horse has physical limitations.

This article features Truck! He is a 16.3 hand Thoroughbred off the track racehorse. His previous owner said Truck was a hard keeper, and he was about 75 pounds underweight. (Still in racehorse body condition) She had him for six months and wanted to do dressage with him, but afterward changed her mind and decided to do a different discipline.

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