Immersion Program

A program that is built for success! We started our Immersion Program (IP) in the spring of 2021 and have not looked back! The IP is an all inclusive boarding, training and lesson program. Our clients who have joined our IP have had a great time and have made big steps with their equestrian partners. The extra attention that the program gives to the rider and their horse drastically helps with their progression. When you went to school and/or learned to play a sport you went several days a week. Our IP allows for just that. The consistency of instruction improves the horse’s and the rider’s ability to retain what they learn and prevent bad habits from starting.

Cody Harrison’s classical mindset, combined with his love and knowledge of horses, allows him to work with horses of all levels. The goal is to have a happy and healthy athlete that moves well and enjoys their work. In achieving this, you will enjoy your horse on a different level and truly be able to feel what your horse is saying to you. Once you have put in the time to get your horse to where you want in the training process, you have to put in the time to maintain that training level. This program’s flexibility allows us to adjust as needed depending on if the rider or horse needs more time with Cody. Consistency is a large part of progressing with your horse. By working closely with Cody, you get more access to his knowledge so that you can continue to grow and develop with your horse

This program is four days a week. It runs from Tuesday thru Friday. The four contacts a week a student gets with Cody can be a combination of lessons or training rides. What a student chooses can be adjusted to their needs, their horse’s needs, or their work schedule. If a student is going to be out of town for a week on family vacation or work, their horse will remain in the program so that they are ready to go when their owner returns. This allows a student to continue moving forward and from getting stuck on a long, never-ending plateau.

Example: March – Lesson/Lesson/Training Ride/Lesson

                  April – Training Ride/Training Ride/ Training Ride/Lesson

                   May – Lesson/Training Ride/Lesson/Training Ride

All of this time allows for Cody to get to know you and your horse more personally better allowing for him to help keep you on the right path at a pace that is best for you and your horse. We have to always be able to adjust to the changes life sometimes throws at us. This program is adjustable to the ebbs and flows of your life so that progress can still be made keeping spirits high.

If you are interested in building a deeper connection with your horse and becoming the best you both can be, contact us today for pricing and more information. 

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