Immersion Program

Our Immersion Program includes horse boarding and comes with four contacts per week. That means you could have four horseback riding lessons, four horse training rides, or a combination of the two. Going on vacation, too busing at work? No problem, your horse’s training will continue, and you will have a great ride when you can visit the CH-Equine barn again.

Cody Harrison is an excellent horse trainer and equine clinician. He will exceed your expectations. His classical mindset, combined with his love and knowledge of horses, allows him to work with horses of all levels. The goal is to have a happy and healthy athlete that moves well and enjoys their work. In achieving this, you will enjoy your horse on a different level and truly be able to feel what your horse is saying to you. Once you have put in the time to get your horse to where you want in the training process, you have to put in the time to maintain that training level. This program’s flexibility allows us to adjust as needed depending on if the rider or horse needs more time with Cody. Consistency is a large part of progressing with your horse. By working closely with Cody, you get more access to his knowledge so that you can continue to grow and develop with your horse. 

If you are interested in building a deeper connection with your horse and becoming the best you both can be, contact us today for pricing and more information.

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