CH Equine Colorado Horse Training


Horse Training with Cody Harrison


At CH Equine, it is of the utmost importance that your horse is sound, happy, and fit.  Whether your horse needs his first ride, re-training, or continued education, we are here to help.

When you bring your horse to CH Equine to be in training with Clinician Cody Harrison they are coming for physical and mental development. This is done through Classical Equitation training principles. Cody’s understanding of equine biomechanics and development gives your horse the opportunity to develop correctly and learn how to move correctly. By addressing the mental aspect of the horse, Cody makes sure to present things in a way that the horse will understand and truly be able to learn the exercise rather than just reacting to the aids. Mental relaxation and physical balance are the two keys to having a happy supple horse. Having a well-balanced and happy horse that moves across the ground with ease will ensure that they will have a long riding career so that you can enjoy your time together for many years.

Teaching the horse how to process what you are teaching them is something that is often overlooked and that is why many horses’ training is forced onto them. The horse also needs to learn to keep control mentally when their energy needs to vary a specific maneuver. Movements that require more energy should not make your horse gets scared or want to go crazy.

What your horse will learn with Cody through Classical Dressage will allow your horse to go in whatever discipline direction you want. Your horse’s training program is tailored to what your horse needs to develop correctly and the goals that you wish to achieve with them. As with the rider, your horse’s training program is adjusted to the uniqueness of your horse. How they think, how they feel, how they move, and how they are as a horse.

Cody can give your young horse a wonderful start to their riding career, continue your horse’s education to the next level, or help fix your horse’s problems and missed understanding to help make them safe again. It is Cody’s ability to see and allow a horse’s individual uniqueness with their strength and weakness and help to mentally and physically bring the horse into balance again. Cody works with a variety of breeds and understands the history of the breed. Knowing the history of a breed can help explain a horse’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their preferred way to balance and move.  Knowing this also makes sure that Cody is not working against the horse’s genetic traits that they were bred for. From the basics of learning to move forward properly, to piaffe and pirouettes, Cody can help your horse become a confident partner. Stallions welcome.

Our goal is for your horse to be calmer, more consistent, more knowledgeable and be in better physical shape than when you brought him to our facility for training.  We care about your horse and his well-being.

Your horse will be in the soft hands of Cody Harrison and his trusted staff while they start or continue their education.

Owner’s are welcome to come visit their horse whenever they like. Just be sure to schedule an appointment if you would like to watch your horse being worked.

Horses in training, must come to our CH Equine Training Facility which is located at 6505 East 160th Avenue, Brighton, CO 80602.

Monthly Training

Includes: A minimum of five training sessions per week, monthly board and one lesson per month of training.

We require three months minimum training for new clients and six months minimum to start a horse. Your horse must also be in good health. Overweight horses will not be accepted for training.