CH Equine clinics are a fun and exciting way to improve your and your horse’s education.  They are great motivation, as well.  Topics for clinics are varied but always have a focus on lightness and ease.  With Cody’s way of instructing, maneuvers such as lead changes, stops, lateral movements, collection, lightness and more become easy to understand.  Cody Harrison does a wonderful job with assessing the individual needs of both horse and rider.  Clinic topics are thoroughly discussed so that everyone has a clear picture of what to do and what is expected.  Though there may be various levels of riders and horses at a clinic, they are all instructed to their individual abilities, confidence, and knowledge base.

Clinics are an important part of instruction and are a great way to work on some of the concepts that are hard to grasp in a weekly lesson.  The length of focused time along with the guidance of Cody make for a successful environment to learn and progress in.  A clinic rider will always leave the clinic knowing what to work on to keep improving after the clinic is over.  This makes it so that in the next clinic they will get to work on something new!

Clinic riders will need to have their own horse and will need to have a controlled walk, trot.  Clinics typically start at 9am and end between 3-4pm daily.  There are two short 10 minute water/bathroom breaks and a 1-1 ½ hour lunch break.

CH Equine Training Facility Clinic Fee With Cody Harrison:

One Day $165 (Cavalletti $175) | Two Day $310 | Three Day $455

Auditor welcome! $15 per day for CH Equine Clinics by Cody Harrison


Clinic Hosting

Unable to come to our barn for a clinic?   No problem…

Inquire about hosting a clinic at your barn today!  

Call or e-mail Carrie Harrison at (720) 312-9139 or


  • Hosting a clinic will help promote you and your facility
  • Charge stall fees for riders hauling in
  • Charge auditing fees
  • Auditing also attracts new clients
  • Provide lunch for additional income
  • Rider education creates a safer and more relaxing barn environment
  • Motivate & re-engage existing clients to be more active
  • Builds relationships between riders, strengthening your barn community
  • CH Equine will list your clinic on their website and Facebook


  • Arena with good footing
  • Arena large enough to hold the desired group of riders
  • Wireless microphone
  • Area for everyone to eat lunch together

View our Clinic Dates for a current schedule of our horse training clinics.

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2020

Join us for the 2020 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, February 28th through March 1st at the National Western Complex in Denver, CO.  It’s sure to be a good time and, we look forward to seeing you there!

2020 Clinic Schedule 

.January 26th – Refining the Aids – Golden, CO (TMR)

February 28th-March 1st – Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

March 14th & 15th – Dressage/Cavalletti – Blaine, TN

March 28th – Lessons in Lightness 

April 3rd-5th – Classical Dressage (Dominique Barbier) 

April 18th – Cavalletti

May 2nd & 3rd – Cavalletti – Wellington, CO (Singing Dog Ranch)

May 22nd-24th – Share Your Troubles

May 29th-31st – Gaited Horsemanship (Larry Whitesell)

June 3rd-7th – Gaited Horsemanship (Larry Whitesell)

June 12th-14th – Cavalletti/Western Work – Spearfish, SD

June 19th-21st – Restart

June 26th & 27th – Classical Equitation – Steamboat, CO

July 10th-12th – Classical Dressage (Dominique Barbier) 

July 18th – Cavalletti

July 25th & 26th – Conquering Fear

August 1st – Classical Equitation – Golden, CO (TMR)

August 6th-9th – Short Course

August 14th & 15th – Classical Equitation – Steamboat, CO

August 22nd & 23rd – Lateral Movements

September 5th & 6th – Gaited Horsemanship 

Sept. 11th & 12th – Classical Equitation – Steamboat, CO

Sept. 18th-20th – Cavalletti/Western Work – Spearfish, SD

October 10th – Cavalletti

October 11th – Gaited Cavalletti

Oct. 30th-Nov. 1st – Classical Dressage (Dominique Barbier) 

Each day begins at 9 A.M. and ends between 3-4 P.M. 

Unless otherwise stated, all clinics are taught by clinician Cody Harrison at CH Equine in Brighton, CO. 

Auditor welcome! $15 per day for CH Equine Clinics taught by Cody Harrison.

Call or e-mail to inquire about availability and fees for camping and overnight stays for your horse.



Cavalletti Clinic


1 Day Clinic


2 Day Clinic


3 Day Clinic